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1600 UTC Hourly Newscast in English


Official: EgyptAir Crash Likely Caused by Terrorist Attack


American Schools Remain Divided by Race


Painting Captures Moments after Lincoln's Assassination


Video Shows Man Lifted Up By Strong Winds


Olympic Doping Probe Focused on Russian Athletes


Philippines' Duterte Promises to Cut Crime, Corruption


Tech Tools Offer Relaxation Techniques


1800 Hourly Newscast English


200 Families Feared Buried in Sri Lanka Landslides


One Chibok Girl Found, Hundreds Still Missing


400 Years After His Death, Shakespeare Still Popular


IS Delivers More Deadly Bombings in Iraq


ANC Accuses US of Undermining Mandela


North Korea Ex-Nuclear Envoy Named Foreign Minister


Tourist Error Costs Baby Bison Its Life


South Korean Han Kang Wins Important Writing Prize


Improve Your Pronunciation By Setting Reasonable Goals


How America Elects Its President


Beach Boys' 'Pet Sounds' Released 50 Years Ago Today


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