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Eurovision Finalists Take the Stage in Stockholm


As Olympics Near, Brazil's President Faces Senate Trial


US, Others Walk Out of Ugandan Inauguration


First US Woman to Lead Combatant Command


Movie Superheroes Divided in 'Captain America: Civil War'


Islamic State Tightens Dress Code for Women


Great Smoky Mountains: America's Most Popular National Park


How Colleges Keep Students from Dropping Out


US Drone Maker to Fly Medicine in Rwanda


Trump Meets With House Leader Ryan


Japan Competes With China in ASEAN Role


Boy's 'Mayan' Discovery Not Likely a Lost City


Many Argue Against Britain Leaving EU


Heart to Heart: Some Heartfelt Expressions


Color of Night Light Could Affect Emotions


Super Computers Faster, More Powerful


Winter Olympics Open in Sochi


Homosexuals in India Seek Rights, Political Support


Hospice Helps Patients Live Their Final Days


Rare Minerals May Be in North Korea


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