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Time is One of the Great Mysteries


New Year's Music: Where Memories and Hopes Meet at Midnight


Happy New Year!


Music Marks the Battle Over Prohibition


South Sudan Tells Soldiers to Stop Fighting


Afghanistan Faces Election, Security Issues in 2014


Farm Near Washington Brings Colonial Times to Life


People Are Crazy for Lin


Christmas Traditions Old and New


A Silent Killer: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


A Visit to the US Botanic Garden and its Special Holiday Exhibits


Christmas: The Most Wonderful Day of the Year?


Saudi Arabia Deports Thousands of Ethiopian Workers


Are You "In the Red" This Christmas?


Group Reports on US Intelligence-Gathering


Atheists Call for Tolerance in Egypt


Martian Lake Possibly Supported Microbial Life


New Holiday Albums From Kelly Clarkson, Johnny Mathis and Others


South Africa Teens Fight HIV


Christmas in 19th Century America - A Special Holiday Edition of The Making of a Nation


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