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How America's First President Led the Nation


US Nuclear Negotiator Suggests Easing Sanctions on Iran


Race May Be Issue in Next South Africa Elections


How Does it Feel Not to Be Famous Anymore?


Chimpanzees May Recognize Emotions in Others


Libya's Grand Mufti Says Female Teachers Should Cover Their Faces


Rights Groups Question U.S. Drone Strikes


Alice Munro Wins 2013 Nobel Literature Prize


Halloween’s Real Horror? Its High Cost!


Somali Diaspora Returning to Mogadishu


Andrew Jackson Leaves Office - The Making of a Nation No. 48 - Andrew Jackson, Part Four


Technology Helps Save Elephants and Rhinos


How Will the Health Care Law Influence the 2014 Elections?


All About Cats - The World's Favorite Pet


Russians Question Muslim Influence


Hey Greenhorn!


Deal Reopens Government, Extends Debt Limit


UN Security Council Moves to Help African Forces in CAR


Malala Yousafzai, a Year After the Attack


Trouble for Greece’s Far-Right Party Golden Dawn


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