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Intelligence Gathering, Leaks Dominate US News


Sound Expert Races Against Deafness


Rosetta Project Aims to Save Languages for Future Generations


In Lebanon, Syrian Refugees Forced into 'Survival Sex'


AARP Experience Corps Teaches Children to Read


The War of 1812 Ends - The Making of a Nation #39


Conductor in Spain Charged with 79 Train Crash Deaths


Bangladesh Garment Workers' Rights Strengthened


Earth is Always on the Move


Foreigners and Americans Flock to Miami


UN Needs Billions to Help Millions


How to Be a Good Egg and the Salt of the Earth


Big Increase in Young, Unwed Mothers in China


Egyptian Judge Orders Continued Detention of Ousted President


Crowds Enjoy Pitchfork Music Festival


Zimbabwean Women Threaten Sex Strike


Global Warming Will Cost Us More to Live


A National Anthem Is Born During War of 1812 - The Making of a Nation No.38


Chinese Law Requires Adults to Support Aging Parents


United Nations tries to feed millions in strife-torn Syria


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