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Week of Final Presidential Debate Ends With More Campaign Activities


Mystery In Sky Over North Carolina; Holiday for the Dead; Chart Climbing Music


The Risks of Language for Health Translators


High and Fast: the X-15 Reached the Edge of Space


AMERICAN HISTORY: Slavery in the American South


Mali Conflict Keeps Children Out of School


Irrigation Pioneer Wins World Food Prize


High-Level Delegations Meet for Talks on Mali Crisis


Nobel Prize in Economics Recognizes 'Market Designers'


Mobile Phones Could Help Efforts to End Malaria


Corn Maze Craze; Skydive and SpaceX; Songs From Above


American History: Southern Colonies Develop on Farming Economy


United Nations Report Urges “Putting Education to Work”


Rare Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in United States


Jimmy Doolittle: a Pilot and Leader


Demand for Wheat Growing in Sub-Saharan Africa


Musical Legend Chuck Berry Still Reeling and Rocking on Stage at 86


Huawei and ZTE Deny Claims That They Present a Security Threat to the United States


Was Jesus Married?


Arrests in the Shooting of a Pakistani Schoolgirl


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