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When Violence Takes Away Men, Families Suffer


Migrants from Venezuela May Cause Problem in Brazil


Families Seek News of North Korean Abductees


African Schools Debate Whether to Teach in Local Languages


Venezuelans Survive on Bitcoin


Muslim Group ‘Rejects and Condemns’ US Jerusalem Decision


France Named Most Food Sustainable Country


American Clergyman Leads Rare Event in Vietnam


Experts: No End to Yemeni Civil War in Near Future


Russia Pressures India to Support Chinese Trade Project


Bitcoin Futures Rise on Financial Exchange Trading


AP Report: Myanmar’s Security Forces Using Rape Against Rohingya


France Orders International Recall of Baby Food


Brazil, US Identify Molecule to Help Fight Citrus Greening


Malawi Woman Resists Early Marriage, Provides Education to Girls


Women in Delhi Use Open Information Law to Get Services


UNESCO Names Neapolitan Pizza a Cultural Heritage


Rwanda Invests in STEM Education for Girls


Palestinians Rise Up to Protest Trump’s Decision on Jerusalem


Islamic State Losing Information War after Losses in Battlefield


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