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Heart Calcium Build-Up Increases Risk of Early Death


Did Animal Herders Build the Silk Road?


Boaty McBoatface Is Back


Scottish Leader Wants New Independence Vote Over Brexit


Tension Grows between Turkey and the Netherlands


Common Bacteria May Control Disease-Carrying Insects


One Man’s Effort to Guard the US-Mexico Border


UN Fund to Fight Cholera in Haiti at 2 Percent of Goal


Lesson 48: Have You Ever ...?


International Students Face Similar Challenges in the US


Numbers of Mixed-Race Americans Growing


Lessening Effect of Robots on the Human Work Force


Los Angeles Permits People to Sell Goods on the Sidewalks


Bolivian President Signs Law Doubling Land Used to Grow Coca


'Listening In' on Words to the Wise


What Is the Future of the Circus in America?


Mexico Launches Effort in US to Help Migrants


Study: Millions of Asians Paid Bribes for Public Services


South Korean President Forced from Office


5-Year-Old Girl, Youngest to Make National Spelling Bee


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