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Kenyan Government Stops US-Funded Election Education Program


This Robotic Device Is Small Enough to Operate on the Human Eye


Are You Learning the Progressive Tenses?


U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy Does "Koi" Dance


Immigrants Find Success in Silicon Valley


Millions of US Citizens Live in Territories


American Shipbuilding Company Uses Old-School Ideas to Train Workers


The Story Behind the Photo


Two Ways to Track Santa Around the World


German Police Free First Suspect in Berlin Truck Attack


Small US Town Prepares to Welcome Syrian Refugees


Most Americans Live in States Partly or Completely Under Republican Control


Obama’s Education Policies Likely to Change Under Donald Trump


Solar Electricity Production Grows in Africa, with U.S. Help


United Nations Calls for Observers in Aleppo, Syria


Trump Softening Some Immigration Positions


Ready for Takeoff: New Device Makes Personal Flying a Reality


Was 2016 the Worst Year Ever?


Scientists Find New Step in Brain Development


Giraffes Facing ‘Silent Disappearance’ in Africa, Report Says


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