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New Amazon Store Lets Customers Avoid Long Lines


U.N. Asks for Record $22 Billion to Aid World's Needy


Independent Defeats Populist in Austrian Presidential Election


Pipeline Protesters Cheer In North Dakota


To Fight Malaria, Bed Nets Are the Most Important Weapon


South Korea, Japan Join United Nations in Punishing North Korea


US Air Force Faces Shortage of Fighter Jet Mechanics


Supercharged Plants May Mean More Crop Production


Clothing Designer from Malawi Targets Overseas Markets


Africans’ Demand for Democracy Declines


Lesson 38: She's My Best Friend!


Refugee Football Team Aims for Greek League


You’re Dreaming!


Pakistan's New Army Chief Takes Command


Appeal for Next US President to Help Women in Business


Majority of US Undergraduates Are ‘Nontraditional’


Virgin Islands National Park: America's Paradise


Thousands of Veterans to Join Dakota Pipeline Protest


Austria Could Elect EU’s First Far-Right Leader


New Starbucks CEO to Take Over in 2017


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