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President-elect Trump to Meet with China's Xi


New Test Could Find Cancer Earlier


Bruce Springsteen’s Motorcycle Breaks Down


Earth’s Arctic Ice Disappears, Scientists Study Nearest Exoplanet


American Voters Decided More Than Just the Presidency


Growing Vegetables Without Soil Inside the Home


Washington Show Celebrates the Art of the Quran


Lesson 35: Let’s Make Dinner!


Don't Be MIA! Improve Your English With These Military Words


Two Belarusian Men Invent Simple Prosthetic Arm


Does Technology Belong in College Classrooms?


3D Device Lets Museum Visitors See Hidden Treasures


Sky Watchers: Look Out for ‘Supermoon’


Shenandoah: A Western-Style Park in the East


First Women Complete US Army Infantry Officer Course


Poland's Lech Walesa Says Poverty Hurts Reform Efforts in North Korea


World Leaders Reach Out to US President-elect Donald Trump


Minnesota Elects First Female Somali American Lawmaker


Day After U.S. Election Marked By Protests


Melissa Fitzgerald: From Hollywood Actress to Passionate Activist


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