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France Breaks Up Migrant Camps in Paris, Calais


Thai Rice Farmers Hurt by Dropping Prices


Clinton Concedes Election, Urges Supporters to Accept Trump


After Surprise Win, President-Elect Trump Calls for Unity


New Study Links Using Facebook and Living Longer


Looking at Words Used to Describe Trump’s Victory


Republicans Keep Control of Congress


1100 UTC Newscast for November 9, 2016


One Dead in Shooting at California Voting Center


Philippine Court Approves Hero’s Burial for Dictator Ferdinand Marcos


Schools Are Latest Victims in Kashmir Conflict


Thousands Visit Anthony Gravesite on Election Day


Improve Your Pronunciation By Taking Selfie Videos


1600 UTC Newscast for November 8, 2016


Flashback: The Fight for Women's Right to Vote


How Would Hillary Clinton Govern if She Were Elected President?


Trump - 'Making America Great Again' by Running for President


Next US President Faces Economic Concerns


Candidates Busily Seeking Support in ‘Swing States’


American Voters Will Decide on More Than Just the Presidency


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