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Peru's Fujimori Asks for Forgiveness After Pardoning


South Korea Says North Likely Seeking Talks


Civil War Leads South Sudan Closer to Starvation


Botswana Turns to Trained Dogs to Protect Wildlife


Environmental Group Says Japan Helping Ivory Trade


Pro-Independence Parties Win Majority in Catalonia Elections


Squatters Demonstrate Brazil’s Poverty


Increase in North Korean Defections Could Show Impact of Sanctions


S. Korea Wants to Postpone Military Drills Until After Olympics


Anti-Smoking Foundation Faces Criticism


North Korean Hackers Steal Millions of Dollars in Bitcoin


Honduras President Declared Winner, OAS Calls for New Vote


South Korea Worried About High Cost of Olympics


When Violence Takes Away Men, Families Suffer


Migrants from Venezuela May Cause Problem in Brazil


Families Seek News of North Korean Abductees


African Schools Debate Whether to Teach in Local Languages


Venezuelans Survive on Bitcoin


Muslim Group ‘Rejects and Condemns’ US Jerusalem Decision


France Named Most Food Sustainable Country


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