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New UN Secretary-General Looks for More Women in Top Jobs


Melania Trump, As Slovenians Know Her


New UN Leadership for the New Year


China and Nepal to Hold First Joint Military Exercises


In Bahrain, Ten Prisoners Charged with Terrorism Escape


Europe Worries About Russian Cyber Attacks During 2017 Elections


Israel-U.S. Relations Stretched Over Issue of Settlements


Russia’s President: No Expulsions to Answer US Punishments


Money Shortages in India Affect Millions of Workers


Ethnic Group Blames Myanmar Security Forces for Attacks


Relations Between India and Pakistan Remain Tense


Malawi Launches Humanitarian Drone Testing Center


Japan Plans to Increase Coast Guard Forces in East China Sea


Suspect in Berlin Truck Attack Shot by Police in Italy


Kenyan Government Stops US-Funded Election Education Program


German Police Free First Suspect in Berlin Truck Attack


United Nations Calls for Observers in Aleppo, Syria


History of Slavery in France's Wine Capital


Fishermen in Cambodia Hurt by New Dam in Laos


India Celebrates 50th Anniversary for Rice That Prevented Famines


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