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After Victory, Putin Voices Desire for Better Ties with West


In Bhutan, Gross National Happiness More Important


Syrian Refugee Baby Gets Life-saving Surgery, Others Wait


US Targets 'Cyber Actors' as Russians Prepare for Presidential Elections


Egypt’s President Struggles with Islamic State in Sinai


Report: Saudi Will Develop Nuclear Bomb if Iran Does


Legendary Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies at 76


Britain Expels 23 Russian Diplomats


Japan’s Abe: North Korea Must ‘Match Words with Actions’


China-ASEAN Exercises Expected to Ease Tension and Risks


Sick Venezuelans Flee to Colombia as Refugee Crisis Worsens


Study: Rich Cities Largely Responsible for Greenhouse Gases


Nepalese Monks Compete in Long-Distance Races


US Turns to Music to Win Over Cambodians


African Schools Add Soft Skills Training Programs


Indonesian Islamic University Bans Burqas on School Grounds


11 Nations Sign Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Without US


Empowering Women a Top Goal for International Women’s Day


Record Warm Winter in Arctic, Scientists Say


Indian Architect Wins Pritzker Prize


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