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Palestinians Cheer UN General Assembly Vote


Older Populations Are a Fact of Life for Many Countries


Morsi's New Powers Bring Protests in Egypt


Defense Department Investigates Top American Commander in Afghanistan


High-Level Delegations Meet for Talks on Mali Crisis


Arrests in the Shooting of a Pakistani Schoolgirl


Conflict Presses Syrian Economy


Clashes Intensify on Turkish-Syrian Border


Vietnam's Big Year for Coffee, Rice Exports


What World Leaders Said at the UN


Vietnam Opens its Securities Companies to Foreign Investors


Protests Spread Over Anti-Islam Video


US Ambassador Killed in Libya


Japan’s Diplomatic Tensions With China and South Korea Intensify Over Disputed Islands


Anti-Putin Punk Rockers Await Judge's Verdict


As Annan Resigns, UN Condemns Violence in Syria


London Olympics Begins; Punishment for Penn State


Ethiopia's Meles Goes on Sick Leave


Good News, Bad News on Food Prices and Production


American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Will Meet with Egypt's New President


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