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Swimmer Michael Phelps Talks About Saving Water


Black Men Arrested in Starbucks Call for Action, Not Anger


US Orders Engine Inspection after Deadly Airplane Accident


Babies Now Permitted on US Senate Floor


Former US First Lady Barbara Bush Dies at 92


One Dead After Airplane Loses Engine in Flight


Rapper Kendrick Lamar Makes History by Winning Pulitzer Prize


A War of Words Between Trump and Comey


American Revolution Museum Filling a Need in Philadelphia


Robots Bring Change to Construction Industry


What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?


National Guard Deployed to U.S.-Mexico Border on Security Concerns


Federal Investigators Raid Office of Trump's Lawyer


Facebook Tells Users Whether Private Data Shared


Trump Considering Action to Answer Suspected Chemical Attack in Syria


Spies Target US Colleges, Universities


Some US Cities, States Start Efforts to Prevent Deportations


Congolese Refugees Learn to Live in US with Help, But for How Long?


More Americans Are Moving to Texas


US Suspects Listening Devices in Washington


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