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US Air Force Has Severe Shortage of Pilots


Islamic State Calls Ohio Attack Suspect 'Soldier of Caliphate'


Trump Wants Flag Burners to Face Prison or Loss of Citizenship


Trump Calls Millions of Votes 'Illegal'


Obama, Trump React Very Differently to Death of Fidel Castro


Castro's Death, Trump Presidency Raise Questions About US-Cuba Ties


Less Energy Now Produced by Coal in US South


An American National, But Not a Citizen


Calls for US Vote Recount Grow, but Trump’s Win Likely Will Stand


Americans Traveling More Internationally, Including Vietnam


U.S. Government Sells Lucky Dollars for Chinese New Year


One in Four Americans Make Money from the Online Economy


Changing Presidents Can Be a 'Very Stressful Process'


How Did Thanksgiving 'Turkey' Get its Name?


Make a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal with Learning English


Trump: US to Withdraw From Trans-Pacific Trade Deal


Many Americans Like Obama, But Reject His Party


Homeless Population Down in America, But 'Spreading' Worldwide


Trump Supporters Expect President-elect to Carry Out Promises


Skateboarder Group Exchanges Tricks and Support


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