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US to Continue Investigating Civil Rights Murders


New York City Driver Gets 236 Green Lights in a Row


US Soldier Who Helped Stop Killing of Unarmed Vietnamese Villagers Dies


Chicago Working to Reduce Gun Violence


Japanese Leader Praises Alliance with U.S. at Pearl Harbor Memorial


California Halts Self-Driving Cars in San Francisco


US Military Prepares for Inauguration of New President


Somali-American Community Concerned After Ohio State Attack


Obama Bans Future Oil Leases in Much of Arctic and Atlantic


Immigrants Find Success in Silicon Valley


Millions of US Citizens Live in Territories


American Shipbuilding Company Uses Old-School Ideas to Train Workers


Small US Town Prepares to Welcome Syrian Refugees


Most Americans Live in States Partly or Completely Under Republican Control


Trump Softening Some Immigration Positions


Difficult Year Ahead for US Military in the Pacific


Electoral College Meets on Monday to Choose US President


Obama: US Will Act Against Russia for Email Hacking


US Jury Finds Dylann Roof Guilty of Hate Crimes in Church Shooting


Twitter Users Appeal to US Electoral College


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