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US Officials Turn to Schools to Help Students Deal with Violence


Trump Vows to Cut Taxes in Economic Policy Speech


More Than a Place, Silicon Valley Is a Culture


Who Are the Libertarian and Green Party Presidential Candidates?


Can Hackers Break into U.S. Voting Machines?


Muslim-Americans Becoming More Involved in US Politics


What Is a Gold Star American Family?


Texas Students Can Bring Guns to College


US Skydiver Completes 7,600-Meter Jump Without Parachute


At the US-Mexico Border, Many Depend on Trade


What’s Next in America’s Unpredictable Presidential Race?


Clinton Calls for Unity to Face Challenges


Clinton’s Long Path to the Democratic Nomination


Trump ‘Asks’ Russia to Hack Clinton’s Emails


Can Clinton Win a Third Term for Democrats?


A Clinton Finds a Changing Democratic Party


Michelle Obama Gives Powerful Speech at Democratic Convention


Study Finds Americans Want Stronger Gun Laws


Kids Learn With 'Man's Best Friend'


Trump's Untraditional Path to the Republican Nomination


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