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Hispanic Doctor Will Make Case for Supporting Trump


Did Melania Trump Copy Michelle Obama's Words?


Religious Leaders Work to Ease US Racial Divisions


Security Tightened for US Political Conventions


Supreme Court Justice Regrets Comment on Donald Trump


Donald Trump Calls for Justice Ginsburg to Resign


Obama Praises Police, Calls for Unity, at Dallas Memorial


Sanders Declares Support for Clinton Candidacy


Americans Looking Forward After a Week of Violence


Cleveland, Philadelphia Increase Security for Political Conventions


Texas Gun Range Offers Free Training to LGBT People


Republican, Democratic Conventions Could Be Exciting


Former US Army Reservist Identified as Dallas Gunman


Noah’s Ark Theme Park Opens in Kentucky


DC Activists Aim to Offer Paid Leave to Parents


Donald Trump Praises Saddam Hussein for Killing Terrorists


FBI Director Calls for No Charges in Clinton Email Investigation


Two Years After Legalizing Marijuana Sales, What Has Happened?


Muslim American Mayor Talks Religion & Tolerance


Traveling Religious Workers in Rural America


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