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The Gettysburg Address


It's Not Worth a Hill of Beans!


A Bad Taste in My Mouth


How Will the Health Care Law Influence the 2014 Elections?


Deal Reopens Government, Extends Debt Limit


Malala Yousafzai, a Year After the Attack


Lucky Livestock Go to Maryland Animal Sanctuary


Remember the Alamo! The Making of a Nation No. 47: Andrew Jackson Part 3


Honoring the Victims of the Birmingham, Alabama Church Bombing 50 Years Ago


Andrew Jackson vs. The Bank of the United States - The Making of a Nation No.46


White’s Ferry: Crossing the Potomac River for Hundreds of Years


A Question of States' Rights - Andrew Jackson Part One - The Making of a Nation No. 45


The City of Brotherly Love, and Beantown


Needy Kids In Virginia Get Supplied for School


Andrew Jackson and the Election of 1828 - The Making of a Nation No. 44


The Big Easy and Sin City


Obama: Economic Justice is Unfinished Business


John Quincy Adams, a Man Raised to Serve His Country - The Making of a Nation No. 43


Just How Chinese Are America's Chinatowns?


“I Have a Dream” at 50


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