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After protests, Venezuela restores power to congress


The facts on climate change — and what to do about it


Waging peace between Greeks, Turks in Cyprus


News Wrap: Trump signs orders on U.S. trade policy


Is there a human toll of giving the military more latitude to strike terror targets?


Trump supporters in Michigan confident their votes will pay off


Is there a connection between PTSD and combat blast exposure?


Should affirmative action be based on socioeconomic status?


News Wrap: Trump takes aim at the Freedom Caucus


First public Senate Intelligence hearing on Russia probe highlights influence of disinformation


Can science make diagnosing PTSD less of an ordeal?


Two veteran lawmakers worry global diplomacy is being undervalued


Kathleen Turner wants women to realize their own value


Brexit countdown begins with formal notice from UK


News Wrap: Disputed airstrike in Iraq under investigation


Brexit doesn’t have to be a lose-lose deal, says UK ambassador


The stigma that stops veterans from getting help for PTSD


What’s stopping the vulnerable Everglades from being healed?


Library of Congress adds to list of sounds that shaped America


Trump launches aggressive campaign to dismantle Obama climate agenda


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