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Obama in Afghanistan: 'Our Goal Is to Destroy al-Qaida'


Should U.S. Pressure China More on Human Rights?


'Liquid Bandages' Could Help Re-Grow Skin, Save Lives


Newborns Addicted to Painkillers: Study Finds Troubling Spike in Cases


After the Fall: People, Banks 'Still Cautious' on Credit, Debts


News Wrap: 5 Men Arrested in Alleged Ohio Bridge Bomb Plot


Obama's Afghanistan Pact: What it Does, What it Doesn't Do


Art of War: Veterans Shred Uniforms to Create 'Combat Paper' Artwork


A Year After Bin Laden's Death, How Strong Is al-Qaida?


A Year After Bin Laden Death, U.S. Maintains Drone Campaign Against al-Qaida


Wisconsin Recall Watched as Possible Prophesy for November


How Apple, Other Tech Companies Take Advantage of U.S. Tax Code


News Wrap: Indian Ferry Disaster Kills at Least 100


Blind Dissident's Escape: an 'Opportunity' for Chinese Government?


After Escape, Chinese Dissident Reportedly Under U.S. Protection


U.S., U.K. Poets Laureate on Being Public Face for 'Solitary Act'


Shields, Brooks on 'Mutual Pandering' Over Student Loans, Immigration Law


High-Deductible Plans a 'Quiet Revolution in Health Insurance'


Troubling New Signs Plague European, U.S. Economies


Renewed Recessions Rock Europe Amid Slower Growth in U.S.


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