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This artist brings dinosaurs back to life


News Wrap: March storm roars in, grounding more than 6,000 flights


Freedom Caucus member Yoho thinks House health care bill will get amended


Dutch election will test far-right ardor in Europe


Are school vouchers good for education? That debate is playing out in Indiana


‘Zoot Suit,’ a classic play about discrimination, finds renewed purpose


Frozen chicken? Not with these handknit sweaters


What the CBO sees ahead for the GOP health care bill


News Wrap: Northeast hunkers down for late winter storm


Why is Rex Tillerson keeping a low profile?


In South Sudan’s deadly famine, ‘anything we can find we will try to eat’


Al Gore: We need to restore American democracy’s immunity to blatant falsehoods


Will the CBO estimate make the GOP’s health bill harder to sell?


At this Russian lake, winter is the best time for a marathon


Texas gerrymandering discriminates against Hispanics, ruling says


Far-right candidate calls for Dutch ban on Muslim immigrants


Presidential secrets have shaped U.S. history


America’s infrastructure receives poor assessment


Pruitt dismisses climate science, environmental policy in flux


Author delves into what motivates ISIS supporters


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