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News Wrap: Trump tells Congress to ‘act now’ on health bill


House Budget chair predicts success for GOP health bill


Marines caught sharing photos of female colleagues draw condemnation


Need to escape reality? Step into infinity with Yayoi Kusama


Living a meaningful life is as simple as storytelling


House GOP drives health care bill through committees while key Republicans raise objections


News Wrap: Illegal border crossing arrests fell in February


U.S. forces in Syria to fight ISIS face chaotic map


When smart devices are always on, vulnerability may be a trade-off of convenience


How the Republican health care bill would change federal funding for Medicaid


Medicaid cuts are ‘going to affect everyone,’ insurance CEO says


Stamping out smallpox is just one chapter of his Brilliant life story


She wanted to express her love for her dad. It took 300 pages of writing


Battle over GOP health care bill begins with review of the nitty-gritty


News Wrap: ISIS claims responsibility for Afghan hospital attack


Panetta: WikiLeaks dump of hacking documents ‘seriously damaging’ to CIA


How scientists are tracking a massive iceberg in the making


How will new GOP tax credits compare with health insurance premiums?


Finding Emily Dickinson in the power of her poetry


Resistance to House GOP health care bill comes from both sides


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