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News Wrap: Senate confirms Mattis, Kelly


The Obama White House, from the man behind the lens


As Trump readies to take office, reports of transition delays


News Wrap: Obama issues hundreds of commutations on his last day


As Treasury nominee Mnuchin defends record, Perry says his attitude on Energy has changed


Why Trump’s National Security transition is off to a rocky start


How Press Secretary Josh Earnest made sure he knew what Obama was thinking


‘Paterson’ is an ode to making art from the details of everyday life


Why we need to ask questions now about our high-tech future


Meeting White House Press Corps for the last time, Obama looks ahead


News Wrap: Global temperatures hit record high in 2016


Is alluring but elusive fusion energy possible in our lifetime?


The towering challenge of protecting the Trumps in New York


Reassessing the value of care for chronic health conditions


News Wrap: Obama commutes prison sentence for Chelsea Manning


UN Ambassador Power warns against ‘historical amnesia’ in future Russian relations


What will Betsy DeVos’ focus on school choice mean for public education?


A way to save money when half of all health costs is spent on a fraction of patients


News Wrap: Martin Luther King Jr.’s son meets with Trump


This inauguration, usually a time for unity, defies precedent


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