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In heated news conference, Trump talks health care, Russia rumors


Tillerson says U.S. can ‘define a different relationship’ with Russia


News Wrap: Cory Booker, John Lewis speak against Sessions


Obama’s ‘bold, yet fragile’ climate legacy


In hearing, Sessions says he’ll put law above his own views


News Wrap: Dylann Roof is first to get death sentence for federal hate crime


Top intelligence officials stop short of providing evidence of Russian hacking at Senate hearing


Kerry: ‘We have a problem’ if people don’t care about accountability or policy being made on Twitter


How Iran’s former president Rafsanjani played kingmaker and political counterweight


Can a president’s farewell speech help write history?


Struggling schools benefit from adding arts to learning


News Wrap: Trump son-in-law tapped for top White House role


Some Trump nominees missing crucial ethics paperwork as confirmation hearings begin


Conway says nominees’ lack of paperwork ‘no reason to delay hearings’


How Democrats are preparing to challenge Trump nominees


Despite tough living conditions, kids who escaped Mosul are happy to be free


How a morning run can be the first step out of homelessness


Confirmation process set to begin for Trump’s cabinet picks


Should juveniles be incarcerated with adults?


Russia’s election intervention is ‘new reality, new weapon’


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