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This sacred mountain is the focal point of a fight over a giant telescope


Trump’s secretary of state choice sets up possible confirmation fight


News Wrap: EPA finds fracking can contaminate underground water in some cases


The fall of Aleppo is a turning point. What’s next for Syria’s war?


What international teens think about school in America


How the big biomedical bill advances U.S. mental health care


One painter on why understanding art is as simple as looking


Top GOP lawmakers, Trump at odds over Russia allegations


To deny Russian involvement in the election is to deny fact, says Sen. Reed


News Wrap: Syrian forces on the verge of recapturing Aleppo


In debate on Russian interference and disinformation, there’s a lot we still don’t know


When will Trump address possible conflicts of interest?


Nashville’s storied music spaces threatened with silence


What’s next for U.S. monetary policy


U.S. builds first offshore wind farm


‘Not That Jewish’ is a comic roadmap to Jewish-American life


Russia aimed to help Trump through hacking, CIA finds


Red Cross study shows shifting global views on war


Trump picks Goldman Sachs president to head National Economic Council


News Wrap: Obama orders review of campaign cyberattacks


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