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When it comes to screen time, parents are poor role models for kids


In a presidential transition, there’s no time for mistakes


The ‘white heat’ and vulnerability of improvisational jazz


Finding a Christmas tree fit for the U.S. Capitol


Neurosurgeon and former rival Ben Carson is Trump’s HUD nominee


News Wrap: Mistrial for South Carolina police officer who killed Walter Scott


Oakland’s horrific fire leads to worries for other warehouses


Tony Blair on why he’s advocating for a global policy ‘center ground’


Egypt envisions ‘strengthening’ of U.S. relationship under Trump


What’s the long-term outlook for the Dakota Access Pipeline?


Miami’s extravagant Art Basel reflects the new economics of art


Emergency responders in Oakland brace for more casualties


Ignored building codes at center of Oakland warehouse fire talks


Rwanda was first to prosecute mass rape as war crime


Populist politics play out in Austria’s presidential election


Italian vote could amend post-war constitution


Embargo remains for some Cuba sectors, as trade grows slowly


At Ohio rally, Trump ‘unofficially’ announces defense pick Mattis


News Wrap: U.S. unemployment at a 9-year low


Why James Mattis could be an ‘awkward fit’ for the Trump administration


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