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Sharon Jones, soul and blues singer, dies at 60


Could the fight against ISIS give Kurds more autonomy?


News Wrap: President-elect settles Trump U. lawsuits for $25 million


Sessions known for tough stance on immigration — and failed judgeship


For national security positions, Trump picks outspoken critics of current policy


DACA ‘dreamers’ fear nightmare immigration policy


What Gwen Ifill taught us


News Wrap: Trump transition gets moving while Pence visits Congress


What do first impressions say about Trump’s foreign policy?


How Trump could dismantle current environmental policy


How online hoaxes and fake news played a role in the election


‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah turns an outside perspective into funny observation


How cartoons remind us that life goes on


News Wrap: Trump team says transition is going smoothly despite reports of turmoil


What is Trump seeking in top foreign policy posts?


Many potential conflicts of interest await Trump presidency


CEO behind Dakota Access to protesters: ‘We’re building the pipeline’


Outnumbered and outgunned, ISIS uses bombs to fight Iraqi forces


How setbacks and failures shaped an improbable astronaut


The challenges of fighting gynecological cancers


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