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A visit to Paris one year after devastating terror attacks


In first meeting, Obama and Trump lay foundation for transfer of power


News Wrap: Judge rules campaign statements are fair game in Trump University civil suit


What makes for a successful transfer of presidential power?


How Trump’s economic proposals offer a vision from the past


What does the election mean for women in politics?


Why the Islamic State tried an audacious attack on Kirkuk


Comparing 2016 to 2012 shows where Clinton fell behind


World leaders react to Trump victory with apprehension and applause


How the mainstream media missed Trump’s momentum


Clinton and Trump wrap up Election Day by returning to New York


Nancy Pelosi offers election night predictions


RNC strategist Sean Spicer offers election night predictions


Are voters having problems at the polls?


What makes the 2016 election unique in history


Watch the biggest moments of the campaign in minutes


News Wrap: Kurdish forces launch Raqqa campaign against ISIS


Battleground map shows how Clinton and Trump could win


For this Syrian refugee family, starting anew in the U.S. is a solitary struggle


What young people want the next president to care about


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