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Charting the course to victory from swing state Ohio


Will Trump take the battleground state of Iowa?


An expert’s preview of election night


This system calls for popular vote to determine winner


What issues are motivating Florida voters?


As election approaches, taking North Carolina’s pulse


These apps help people trade votes to boost Clinton in swing states


Trump tries to expand reach while Clinton focuses on strongholds


News Wrap: Unemployment rate drops below 5 percent


4 days before the election, a look at campaign closing strategies


What’s behind fears of voter fraud?


Gaping, painful holes remain in U.S. health care despite coverage gains


In 1980s Miami, the triple crisis of growing up black, gay and poor


Questions of character continue to dominate final campaign scramble


News Wrap: Report suggests FBI in dispute over Clinton Foundation


What we know about voter turnout so far


Are the suburbs the next political battleground?


The challenge of stabilizing a recaptured Mosul


Loveable losers no more, Chicago raises the victory flag to celebrate its Cubs


What it’s like to start over after spending your teen years in jail


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