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Food may not be the answer to world peace, but it’s a start, says Anthony Bourdain


Candidates use Trump’s new hotel as election metaphor, good and bad


News Wrap: Pakistani city shuts down to mourn massacre victims


What pollsters are predicting for Election Day


Days to go, Clinton and Democrats are winning the money race


Cracking the stealth political influence of bots


How Pentagon efforts to claw back recruitment bonuses have affected soldiers


Why white nationalists hear a political ally in Donald Trump


News Wrap: National Intelligence director doubts North Korea will relinquish nuclear weapons


Prices rising, Trump rallies for Obamacare repeal


How Obamacare premium hikes affect politics and your wallet


What the world is thinking about the U.S. election


For these college students, the most difficult test may be basic survival


How the N-word became the ‘atomic bomb of racial slurs’


Who will pay for water pollution cleanup divides urban and rural Iowa


Trump focuses on Florida as Clinton rallies for other Democrats


News Wrap: AT&T confident in Time Warner deal approval


How Clinton and Trump are strategizing with two weeks to go


How the push to register Latino voters could change Arizona’s political makeup


What will Dakota Access protesters do if final pipeline restrictions are lifted?


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