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For this Syrian activist, hope, like his hometown, is gone


In a tough-talking election, language and politics are inextricably linked


Humanitarian concerns grow in Mosul


What does AT&T, Time Warner merger mean?


With campaign winding down, Clinton leads polls


South Africa to leave the International Criminal Court


Will South Korea’s robot revolution hurt American jobs?


After raucous charity dinner, Trump and Clinton head to battlegrounds


News Wrap: Russia extends ‘humanitarian pause’ in Aleppo due to evacuation delay


What the latest polls mean for the presidency — and Congress


NSA contractor suspected of espionage is deemed a flight risk


Why student debt is ‘a crisis’ for some borrowers


‘Prairie Home’ gets a new companion


GOP pushback follows Trump’s election result resistance


News Wrap: ‘Humanitarian pause’ begins in Aleppo


Putting policy in context at the final presidential debate


In rural North Carolina, voters say their struggles are being ignored


Petraeus says there’s a bigger challenge to come once Iraq retakes Mosul from ISIS


Pay for carbon pollution? Why some environmentalists don’t support this state tax


This casting director likes you for your idiosyncrasies


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