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Last debate looming, VP running mates cheer top of their tickets from the trail


News Wrap: Top Iraqi commander calls for surrender of Mosul


What’s the motive behind Julian Assange’s internet ban?


What we know and don’t know about these videos alleging illicit strategies by Democrats


Where the candidates stand on criminal justice and policing


Using sensors to spoon-feed crops with extreme precision


Obama calls out Trump on rigged election claims


News Wrap: Russia and Syria halt Aleppo strikes, ahead of short-term pause for aid


Nevada’s split GOP, sluggish job growth drive tight Senate race


The economy is improving, yet these voters don’t trust the data


What’s being done to avoid a humanitarian crisis in Mosul


Why Uganda is one of the world’s most hospitable refugee destinations


News Wrap: Afghanistan reports progress against Taliban forces


Why capturing Mosul is a critical step toward defeating ISIS


Why Trump’s ‘rigged election’ claims are wrong and dangerous​


Could rigged election talk backfire on Trump? Do FBI email notes damage Clinton?


Anti-migrant sentiment lifts Denmark’s right-wing


Can ordinary citizens help fill gaps in U.S. health care?


This giant topaz is coming out of hiding


California to vote on legalizing recreational marijuana


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