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Hurricane Matthew carves a devastating path through Haiti


News Wrap: EU backing pushes Paris climate pact into effect


What Pence and Kaine need to do in their only VP face-off


How the deadlocked Supreme Court became a leading campaign issue


Affected by budget cuts and testing, dozens of Oklahoma teachers are running for office


Vin Scully ends his 67-year career as voice of the Dodgers


Clinton campaign pounces on Trump controversies


News Wrap: Winds top 140 mph as Hurricane Matthew bears down


To drive ISIS from Mosul, a complicated coalition joins forces


Why Senate control could ride on this tight New Hampshire race


What you need to know about Tim Kaine and Mike Pence


What to expect in a Pence-Kaine debate showdown


What do Florida voters want from a president?


What do three pages of Trump tax returns show us?


How a shifting Latino vote in Florida could influence the election


Is Ohio less important in this year’s election?


Oxford study could point to new treatments for HIV


Saving treasured art after Italy’s major earthquake


Trump alleges former Miss Universe starred in sex tape


News Wrap: Alabama chief justice suspended for preventing same-sex marriage licenses


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