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The facts behind debate talking points like stop-and-frisk and trade deals


Think you know Clinton and Trump? New documentary gets inside the candidates’ past lives


Boston brings the music back by boosting arts education


The struggling, rural, white communities that feel like nobody cares


How caring for a dying husband made life worth living


How the candidates prepared for their first face-off


News Wrap: Washington mall shooting suspect gives confession


What Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump want from the first debate


Predictions for the first debate in an unpredictable election year


South Sudan’s violent summer, alleged corruption according to the nation’s vice president


The musical rumble that makes listeners love ‘West Side Story’


What to expect from the first presidential debate


Questions remain after Charlotte police release videos of shooting


This company raised minimum wage to $70,000 — and it helped business


How do police decide when to release video footage?


North Carolina and Maryland challenge gerrymandering


Architect on African American History Museum’s unique exterior


Footage of Keith Scott shooting raises more questions


News Wrap: Tulsa officer charged with Terence Crutcher death turns herself in


What President Hillary Clinton would do on Day 1


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