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Anticipating peace, FARC holds final summit as an armed rebel group


A play that speaks to Ferguson’s tragedy and lets the audience speak back


Carl Reiner on being a comedian and Mel Brooks’ best friend


Soldiers stand in Charlotte’s streets amid police shooting protests


News Wrap: Officer who shot unarmed Tulsa man to face charges


Launching new strikes, defiant Assad blames U.S. for failed cease-fire


Trump offers take on Charlotte protests as retired diplomats slam him as ‘entirely unqualified’


What President Donald Trump would do on Day 1


What Election Could Mean for Obamacare’s Fate


The psychological trick behind getting people to say yes


In Charlotte, protests and call for a boycott after a police shooting


News Wrap: Fed will keep key interest rate near record lows


Charlotte mayor promises police shooting investigation of ‘highest integrity’


Candidates weigh in on race and policing after new shootings


Gary Johnson on the rules keeping him off the debate stage


How Trump’s foreign dealings could pose conflicts of interest


How robots are joining the police force


Why we believe what we read on the internet


At new museum, relics and treasures reveal U.S. history through African-American lens


Dangers of isolationism, Syria top Obama’s last UN address


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