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Standing up Afghan army is like ‘trying to build an airplane while in flight,’ says top U.S. general


After legal disappointment, North Dakota pipeline protesters vow to fight on


Visiting the 9/11 memorials with those most closely affected


After foreign policy forum, Clinton rebukes Trump for Putin comments


News Wrap: Obama says he’ll do everything possible to get TPP passed


Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns. This is what they could reveal.


Trump’s ‘rollercoaster’ of a career marked by self-interest


How one U.S. company is trying to surf the tides of foreign trade


Scotland’s national poet writes for those who’ve been asked ‘where are you from?’


An illustrator explains the art of making pictures speak to children


Their duty done, two horses who led funerals at Arlington are given new homes


News Wrap: Obama urges Americans to learn about other cultures during Laos visit


New poll numbers show tightening presidential race, but Clinton has easier path


Why Chicago hasn’t yet escaped an epidemic of gun violence


Why it’s so hard to fight extremist propaganda online


The weaver who helped resurrect an endangered Lao artform


News Wrap: Congress returns from recess to tackle funding, Zika


Decades on, millions of unexploded American bombs left behind still kill and maim in Laos


Duterte lashes out at critics of drug war killings in the Philippines


Fox News ends Ailes era with apology and $20 million for Gretchen Carlson


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