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Four light years away, a planet may be hospitable to life


News Wrap: In Afghanistan, roadside bomb causes first U.S. combat death since January


Obama surveys Louisiana flood damage; for hardest hit, it’s a long road ahead


Green Party nominee Jill Stein on why she’s the only candidate ‘not corrupted’


Why is WikiLeaks publishing private individuals’ personal information?


To combat climate change, these scientists are turning CO2 into rock


Why we should be thinking of sexual intimacy in terms of pizza


News Wrap: Trump says he’s not flip-flopping on immigration plan


Clinton is vastly outspending Trump on ads. Is it hurting him?


How a legal ruling on transgender bathroom access affects schools


International Criminal Court brings a cultural vandal to justice


Meet the couple on a mission to end hunger in their town


How Florida is handling invasive lionfish


California wildfires take a toll on firefighters


Brazil’s president to begin impeachment trial


Black-and-white portraits from apartheid-era South Africa


Justice Department will not renew contracts with private prisons


Aetna announces it will leave exchanges in 11 states


TV ads, resignation and ‘regret’ spell change for Trump campaign


News Wrap: CDC warns pregnant women to avoid Miami Beach; Louisiana cleanup continues


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