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Why southern China is a hotbed for disease development


Above Manhattan’s bustle, a reshaped public space


This Olympian — and poet — on her love for “freedom within boundaries”


Trump on defensive after comment on Clinton and gun rights


News Wrap: Libyan headquarters of ISIS captured, claim U.S.-backed fighters


Baltimore mayor urges turning anger into action after DOJ report on policing


How Phoenix became the most autism-friendly city in the world


Migrants to Australia by sea face harsh conditions, reports find


How machines are learning to read your mood


From battlefield to ballet, South Korean soldiers dance off stress


GOP defections grow a day after Trump tries to reset campaign


News Wrap: Firefighters battle two California wildfires


Why Republican Sen. Susan Collins won’t be voting for Trump


Giving adults with autism the skills to build independent lives


What one assistant principal learned from shadowing a student for a day


Bringing new life to ‘Patient H.M.,’ the man who couldn’t make memories


The man who mows grass masterpieces


News Wrap: Delta computer outage cancels flights; 67 killed in Pakistan suicide bombing


Trump proposes 3-tier income tax structure, regulation freeze


Syrian refugees adjusting to U.S. bring hard-to-meet health needs


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