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News Wrap: Lynch urges end to cop-community divide, ceasefire takes hold in South Sudan


‘The shock of this evil has still not faded’


Why the South is the epicenter of the AIDS crisis in America


Family of slain journalist Marie Colvin sues Syria for her death


Turning 315 billion pounds of plastic ocean pollution into sea-saving art


Police violence protests intensify as Dallas mourns officers


News Wrap: two bailiffs shot dead in Michigan courthouse, Trump addresses sniper killings


Help purge bad cops, black Dallas police leader urges Obama


Is Dallas a turning point in the race and policing debate?


The latest on the veepstakes, Sanders to endorse Clinton


NATO reacts to Russia’s aggressive moves in Eastern Europe


EU subsidies in jeopardy for county that voted for Brexit


Could convention rule changes cost Trump the nomination?


Inside the NATO decision to move forces into Eastern Europe


Report finds racial disparities in police use of force


Dallas, rattled by police murders, had made strides in community policing


News Wrap: Florida congresswoman indicted in fraudulent charity scandal


Hillary Clinton calls for police reform, national use of force standards


Week of violence sparks national dialogue on race and policing


U.S., NATO troop buildup in Eastern Europe to counter Russians is largest since Cold War


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