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Shields and Brooks on Dallas police murders, Trump’s Republican problem


Death of Philando Castile, another fatal shooting by police, draws condemnation


News Wrap: House GOP put off gun control legislation indefinitely


Did Clinton get off easy? House committee grills FBI’s Comey


For tiny Estonia, deterring Russia requires major backup


Brexit or no, former central banker says global financial system needs fixes


‘Zero Days,’ a detective story about the cyber warfare arms race


Jim Gaffigan explains where he finds humor


News Wrap: GOP gun and anti-terror bill faces House opposition


What we know about the Alton Sterling shooting and his life


Why America’s longest war is getting longer


Clinton goes on offense, hoping to leave email story behind


Ukraine fighting against Russia, corruption simultaneously


Struggles for power plant with White House backing raise concerns about clean coal


Until research unlocks medical understanding of marijuana, patients experiment


FBI lifts legal threat over Clinton email server


News Wrap: Iraq bombing death toll rises as search teams find more victims


Despite public anger over Freddie Gray death, police convictions elude prosecutors


Are young kids losing the brain-boosting benefits of playtime?


J.K. Rowling brings magic to the theater with a new Harry Potter play


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