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New book, ‘Listen Liberal,’ looks at Democratic party schism


An Orlando Muslim’s heartfelt words on nightclub mass shooting


Did killer Orlando gunman Omar Mateen have secret gay life?


News Wrap: Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ draws sharp rebuke from Obama, Clinton


How the U.S. is countering the Islamic extremist propaganda machine


It’s the weapon of choice for U.S. mass murderers: the AR-15


Inside Russian hacking of Democrats’ opposition research on Trump


Baltimore’s dolphins moving from concrete tanks to seaside sanctuary


Reflecting on the Charleston church massacre, one year later


In Orlando mass shooting, a search for motive — and missed signals


News Wrap: Heavily armed man busted en route to L.A. gay pride parade due in court


Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton react to Orlando mass shooting


LGBT Americans target of violent hate crimes more than any other group


Vowing that the power of love will always defeat hatred


LGBT, Latino community hit hard by massacre in Orlando


Orlando Sentinel editor on shooting: ‘We joined that list’


‘Fiddler on the Roof’ lyricist on how it became a sensation


How NYC’s streets became more pedestrian-friendly


Trump emphasizes religious freedom, while Clinton vows to ‘unify our country’


In today’s economy, even two-income families struggle to make ends meet


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