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News Wrap: LGBT rights fight sinks major energy bill in U.S. House


Ecuador looks to pick up pieces and rebuild after devastating earthquake


New ‘superbug’ becomes first drug-proof bacteria to hit U.S.


U.S. innovators dogged by money-grubbing ‘patent trolls’


D.C.’s music scene goes ‘Live at 9:30’


Funnyman Tim Heidecker wants you to stop stealing content


News Wrap: State Department watchdog slams Hillary Clinton over email server


Why Clinton’s private email use is deemed more serious than predecessors’


Donald Trump feels the heat from protesters — and Elizabeth Warren


Long wait times for health care still dogging troubled Veterans Affairs department


Health effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings still carefully tracked


Why knowledge for the pure sake of knowing is good enough to justify scientific research


News Wrap: California dreaming? Bernie Sanders stumps for upset win in Golden State


What firing of TSA security chief means for summer travel


What’s behind biting political fight in Congress over Zika funding?


Philadelphia mayor looks to fund pre-K with controversial soda tax — by the ounce


Donald Trump teams with RNC for first official campaign fundraiser


Cranes, curlews, and cows — the delicate debate over Oregon’s federal lands


News Wrap: Warm embrace of Obama sign of how far Vietnam-U.S. relations have come


In 2016, is it ‘who are you voting for?’ or ‘who are you voting against?’


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