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Pell tells his story through trial, some error — and lots of ‘experimental soul’


Step aside Seinfeld — meet Mark Twain, the standup comic


Obama Labor decree makes millions more eligible for overtime pay


News Wrap: Trump reveals list of prospective Supreme Court picks


‘When you work extra, you should be paid extra,’ says Labor Secretary


U.S. will help Libyans beat back Islamic State fighters


Veterans Affairs Dept. reformers find the fix is not in


From Mt. St. Helens’ volcanic ashes, Mother Nature rebuilds


News Wrap: The Senate advances measure to let 9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia


ISIS bomb attacks in Baghdad a new challenge for Iraq’s military


Was Nevada Democratic convention fight sign of greater party divide?


Teaching ‘different is okay’ to combat Islamophobia in U.S. schools


Urban League calls for $5 trillion ‘Marshall Plan’ to address persistent disparities between the races


Six months in, new Episcopal church leader reflects on church challenges


Do call it a comeback — how the checkerspot butterfly found salvation in a women’s prison


Divers find ancient Roman shipwreck — and its treasure — off Israel’s coast


Hillary Clinton barnstorms Kentucky, looking for big win


News Wrap: Demand for electricity sparks massive protest in Kabul over power line’s route


President ties Supreme Court punt on Obamacare birth control case to Garland stalemate


Donald Trump’s teflon presents head-scratching challenge for Democrats


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