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Houston restaurant community cooks up support for shelters and first responders


News Wrap: State Department orders closure of Russian diplomatic sites


Every child in the world can have a microscope. Here’s how.


Sun returns to storm-ravaged Houston, but ‘worst is not yet over’


National Guard’s Harvey rescues haven’t ‘slowed down’


How Harvey evacuees are coping in shelters


For Houston dialysis patients, getting treatment during the disaster means life or death


News Wrap: Trump turns focus to hurricane victims


Did climate change make recent extreme storms worse?


Record-breaking Harvey overwhelms dams, washes thousands out of their homes


In Texas county where levee was breached, ‘worst flooding is in front of us’


Houston convention center shelters surging number of storm victims and volunteers


How Houston hospitals prepared for Hurricane Harvey


Rep. Poe: Extent of storm disaster ‘hard to grasp’


As Harvey floods Texas, Congress due to debate insurance program that’s underwater


North Korea missile launch over Japan shakes U.S. allies


News Wrap: Libya reportedly paying militias to stop migrant crossings


Colorado apprenticeship program turns the factory floor into a classroom


Irresistible to tourists, has Venice become unwelcoming to its inhabitants?


Artists remake the world’s wonders in lilliputian scale


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