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Texas rescuers work around the clock in unrelenting rain and flooding


Rep. Jackson Lee: Hurricane Harvey ‘worst time’ for a government shutdown


News Wrap: North Korea fires missile over Japan


What the Arpaio pardon reveals about Trump’s take on the rule of law


‘Raising Bertie’ paints portrait of hope and hardship for three young men


Fact-checking Trump’s reasons for a transgender military ban


Historic flooding inundates Texas, hampering rescue efforts


Torrential rains drain emergency resources in Texas


Why Houston is a ‘sitting duck’ for hurricanes


In Gulf Coast cities, officials warn of coming floods


How will Texas’ most populous city handle excessive floods?


Assessing damage where Hurricane Harvey touched ground


As hurricane slows, Texas braces for further damage


Hurricane Harvey evacuees describe ‘chaos’


Arpaio pardon hurts GOP relations with Trump


Texas prepares for ‘life-threatening’ Hurricane Harvey


News Wrap: Monsoon death toll rises above 1,200


How one Syrian city is rebuilding life after ISIS


The problem with only liking things we find relatable


News Wrap: Texas Gulf Coast braces for hurricane ‘Harvey’


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