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News Wrap: Overpass collapses in India, killing more than 20


Trump’s foreign policy adviser on nukes, NATO and China


What the ‘women’s vote’ means in 2016


Need a college scholarship? There’s an app for that


Oil-rich Venezuela suffers as global prices plummet


Women’s soccer players sue over wage gap


Trump touts voter appeal while Kasich doubts any GOP candidate will get enough delegates


News Wrap: Newark to reform policing under DOJ agreement


Task force tackles how U.S. can support vulnerable Middle East


What peace in Colombia would mean for the drug trade and those who depend on it


The plan to balance conservation and development in Coachella Valley


Seeing Holocaust survivors’ stories in the books they left behind


A crucial endorsement and a criminal charge as candidates look to Wisconsin


News Wrap: Pakistan holds 200 Lahore bombing suspects after rounding up thousands


Without Scalia, Supreme Court splits on union fees case


FBI cracks the locked iPhone, but legal questions remain unanswered


Driven from their homes by ISIS, Iraqi Christians face choice of flight or fight


Former foster youth defies odds, determined to change the system


There was no wave of compassion when addicts were hooked on crack


News Wrap: Capitol Police wound man who pulled gun


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